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Dig, discover, design, deploy, and defend. Explore your very own planet, and eventually help conquer or help build up the planets of others.


Cubic is a voxel based action/adventure (Sci-Fi!) game about digging, discovering, designing, deploying, and defending. But we see it as more than a game. Cubic is an ever-evolving platform, shaped by the actions of its players. Right now that involves players giving feedback about the direction of development. Before long, players will have a much more direct role in how Cubic shapes up by traveling to the planets of other players and by trading and selling their fabrications. Fabrications are custom objects that can be created in-game by players, using the materials harvested from their planet.


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  • Procedurally generated, voxel terrain.
  • Engine has ability to mix hard and soft edged geometry (most engines only support one or the other).
  • Player’s planet is 300 Km in diameter; estimated to take 28 hours to circle around the whole planet.
  • Players can harvest raw materials in their world and process them into refined materials for fabrication.
  • Fabrication station allows players to model new objects with components like hinges and buttons.
  • Refined materials (used for building in Fabricator) are based on real world periodic table elements, with accurate densities and weights.
  • Provides a “Sandbox” mode and a “Story/Tutorial” mode with an engaging story.
  • A major goal of the game is to have players guide the direction of development.


Coming Soon


  • Multiplayer
  • More NPCs (enemies)
  • Ability to travel to new planets
  • Ability for players to sell and trade their fabrications
  • New fabricator components (spring, wheel, engine, etc)




Vox and Creo have been developing Cubic for over two years, during nights and weekends. Cubic is now Creo’s full time focus.




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