Dig, discover, design, deploy, and defend. Explore your very own planet, and eventually help conquer or help build up the planets of others.


What is Cubic?


Cubic is a voxel based action/adventure (Sci-Fi!) game about digging, discovering, designing, deploying, and defending. But we see it as more than a game. Cubic is an ever-evolving platform, shaped by the actions of its players. Right now that involves players giving feedback about the direction of development. Before long, players will have a much more direct role in how Cubic shapes up by traveling to the planets of other players and by trading and selling their fabrications. Fabrications are custom objects that can be created in-game by players, using the materials harvested from their planet. See below for more details.


What can I do in Cubic right now?


Cubic has what we believe to be an awesome storyline. Of course, we would say that! So we’ll let you be the judge. Tell us what you think so we can make improvements, create story branches, or even change its entire direction. We’re excited to build this thing with you! We’ve built out the first chapter of the story in the form of a tutorial. If you rush through and don’t stop to smell the roses or explore, there’s about 25-30 minutes of playable story in the game right now.

Sandbox Mode

After the tutorial, you’re dropped straight into sandbox mode. In this mode, you can explore your planet. This is also where you can dig and create (though a major component of creating is also found in Cubic’s Fabricator). Because of the technical challenges involved with setting up procedural terrains otherwise, most voxel based games offer only either completely cubed geometry or completely rounded geometry. Cubic, being a simulation from the future, has cracked the code, and is able to beautifully combine the two in a way that makes logical sense! The procedurally generated planet that currently ships with Cubic is 300 Km in diameter, which is indeed very big. For now, let’s just call it, “New Texas.” If you were to run in a straight line without stopping, we estimate it would take you about 28 hours to completely circle the planet. Cubic does not have biomes right now, but that is a planned feature, and we’ve already done a lot of the development work needed to support that. You tell us what’s most important to you, and that’s where we’ll focus development!


In the Fabricator, you can process the raw resources you’ve collected from your planet into refined materials. Using these refined materials in the Design mode of the Fabricator, you can create just about anything you want. And as long as you’ve got enough refined resources for the elements you’ve used, you can fabricate it into an actual object that can be taken outside to your planet and deployed. Elements in the fabricator are based on real periodic table elements, and have accurate densities. So if you make a chair out of gold and platinum, it’s going to weigh significantly more than if you had made it with clay.

The Fabricator also includes components which you can attach to your fabrications. There is currently a hinge component and a button component, and more components on the way. Through components, players can create highly interactive objects.


The LAIR (Logistical Analysis and Integration of Resources) is your central hub on your planet. There are currently two stations currently active in your LAIR: the Fabrication Station (see above) and the Integration Station. The Integration Station allows you to manage your LAIR’s storage and transfer objects back and forth to your backpack. The Integration Station also contains a sub-station called the Loadout Station. This is where your gear and consumables are laid out for you. The LAIR has several stations and areas that are not yet unlocked for the player to explore because we’re still creating and refining them. Coming soon, as they say!


What is the Alpha Investors DLC and what do

Alpha Investors get?


The Alpha Investors Edition is a limited time add-on for those who want to go all-in supporting the early development of Cubic. Since the most valuable and immediate contribution that any customer can make right now is to further fund development, as a thank you to our investors, we will be granting Prime status tokens.


After the Investors Edition purchase opportunity expires, Prime status tokens will only be issued within Cubic as rewards for those who contribute in exceptional ways within the Cubic simulation, as originally designed.


Prime Tokens:

  • Give holders access to pre-release features and content for testing before they go out to everyone else, ensuring a high quality experience for other players.
  • Grant holders higher weighted feature requests and bug reports.
  • Grant holders the earliest access to our coming multiplayer experiments.
  • Grant holders Cubic council membership and voting rights (more on this later).
  • Grant holders exclusive gold “favorite color” option for your metavar, HUD, and quantum accoutrements.


What are the limitations right now?


Cubic is Early Access, so there will be bugs. We’re working hard to sort these out, and with your help, will stomp out the ones that are most important to you as quickly as possible. And if you find something lacking, we want to hear about it!


Is Cubic under active development?


Yes, very much so! Cubic is now a full time project, not an on-the-nights-and-weekends project!


I have an idea for Cubic!


Great! We want to hear it! Please head over to the Cubic discussion forums and let your voice be heard. Cubic is a game meant to be directed by its community. That’s why we’re releasing as Early Access, after all!


I found a bug!


Oh no! Please do us a favor and send an email to support@cubicdevice.com. That will get your bug into our help desk software and allow you to track its status as we work to fix it.


Cubic exists to be the exemplification of the democratization of knowledge and thereby the dissemination of power, primarily through the novel exploitation of computation through collaboration within simulation.